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Incomprehensible Margery Allingham

I remembered why I didn’t read many crime novels by Margery Allingham. Of the books I’ve read so far, Her writing is gibberish to me. Excepting Traitor’s Purse, that is. That book is on my list for the very reason that it’s not remotely like any others she wrote. It’s straight forward, with regular language, no […]Read More

Death At Willow Grove Amusement Park, Philly PA

The title-The Disappearance of Mary Young doesn’t make sense to me. Mary Young doesn’t disappear. She’s murdered. And she’s murdered in public. In a dark ride at an amusement park outside of Philly PA. Which I know for a fact is based on a real park called Willow Grove. My dad used to take the […]Read More

Trade Paperbacks Take Over the World

When did the powers that be decide that trade paperbacks were the right way to go? I understand why authors would welcome this format–I would gather that the more expensive the work, the more royalties paid. Mass market paperbacks give little return for the author. And maybe, maybe the print is larger, although, I’ve not […]Read More

At Holmes With Author Carla Coupe

There are some writers who excel in the short story form, such as Ed Hoch did, opposed to full length novels.  Another is Carla Coupe whose short story pastiches of Sherlock Holmes have garnered critical and reader praise. Not that she couldn’t and won’t lengthen her work in the future–as she explains in this author […]Read More

Goodreads Sells Their Soul To The Devil

I didn’t join Goodreads. Mostly because until recently I didn’t know what it was or what I would want to join for. Many authors and friends had suggested via facebook I should join, and that only made me less likely to do so, because I assumed it was another facebook game or oddity. When I […]Read More

A Window Seat In The Norfolk CT Library

If there were a library the likes of the Norfolk CT one around me, established in that venerable year, 1888, I’d probably use it as a second home. One without taxes, mortgage, lawn to mow, or mother constantly chattering in my ear. I’ve not been in such an inviting space since a kid, at my […]Read More

Traitor’s Purse-Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Traitor’s Purse  Margery Allingham   1940 Finally, I’ve reread one of my best 100, and it not only lives up to a vague memory of  greatness, it excels it. Up until this point, Margery Allingham had written rather lightweight traditional mysteries with Albert Campion as the amateur detective, and his faithful sidekick, Lugg. They were […]Read More

Murder Within Murder-Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Murder Within Murder Frances and Richard Lockridge 1946 The first time I read the book, I was impressed with what I felt was new territory being explored–an old murder having a direct bearing on a recent one. It felt unique. But upon second reading for this list, I wasn’t as taken with the plot within […]Read More