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Banking on Their New Coffee Shop

Washington NC is a sleepy  town of 10,112, unless someone died or was born since we visited. It was deserted when we arrived, but  it was 100 degrees in the shade and maybe most humans preferred to survive and declined strolling outdoors. Self titled “The Heart of the Inner Banks,”  it’s bisected by the waters […]Read More

Tips on Opening a Bookstore

by Janet Geddis of Avid Bookshop If there’s one thing I’ve learned about being a startup bookstore owner, it’s that all the time estimates you think are givens are so completely wrong. Some “difficult” steps were a breeze; other “quick” items on the to-do list took upwards of six months. I have learned a great […]Read More

Should One Person Decide A Schoolbook Should Be Banned?

One woman’s quest to ban a book in a Middle York, PA elementary school library continues on, even though district officials and educators deemed it acceptable reading in March 2010. The book in question is Stolen Children by Peg Kehret. A quick synopsis: A 14 year old and the child she’s babysitting are kidnapped, held, and […]Read More

Opening a Bookstore? Here's a Sample Promotion Plan

I’ve seen it happen all too often to owners of new bookstores – you have an idea, you try your hardest to get it up and running, and your euphoria at finally opening a bookstore just cant be contained. Brilliant! …. And then what? Customers drudge in and out, and then you realize that the […]Read More

Your Bookshop – Choosing Where to Begin

Do you want to sell new books or used books? Do you want to stick to a specific type of book or have a general bookstore? Do you want to sell books online or in-store only? Do you want to be the dude selling books on a street corner? For a long time these, and […]Read More

I Want to Own A Bookstore

I want to own a bookstore.  Put more accurately: I want to own a bookstore and so does my girlfriend.  She’s currently in grad school so I have two years to prepare before we begin.  Right now my preparation is mostly in reading about how to set up a small business and to read about the experiences of […]Read More

My Bookshop, The Reader, was an inspiration

The Reader – Or was it “such stuff as dreams are made on”? It was a chilly Gurgaon winter morning of the grey yellow variety when moist air clings to the smog and chokes out the sunlight. It was the type of morning that you squint at with one eye and dive back into the snugness […]Read More

A Journey to Opening a Bookstore

After years of dreaming and almost two years of planning, Jessica Stockton Bagnulo and Rebecca Fitting finally opened Greenlight Bookstore in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. I’m well aware of Greenlight Bookstore’s opening even though I live 3,000 miles away and have never been to Brooklyn. How did they do that?Read More