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Banking on Their New Coffee Shop

Washington NC is a sleepy  town of 10,112, unless someone died or was born since we visited. It was deserted when we arrived, but  it was 100 degrees in the shade and maybe most humans preferred to survive and declined strolling outdoors. Self titled “The Heart of the Inner Banks,”  it’s bisected by the waters […]Read More

The Mystery League: Great Crime Fiction or Only Super Deco

All Carved Up: Performing Autopsies on the Great Bodies of Crime Fiction When I first decided to write an article about this short-lived publishing house I believed that reading the 30 titles published between 1930 and 1933 would be an easy, delightful task. After trudging through about five, I amended my expectations to scanning all […]Read More

Refreshing, Odd, Bizarre, Weird, and Wonderfully Offbeat Books

One of the cool things about AbeBooks.com, is the theme e-mails they send to customers, like myself. I use bookfinder.com, which in turn sends me to various internet used book sellers on Abe and other large sites. Before the invention of the internet, it could take months, sometimes years for a wanted book to be […]Read More

The Imminent Murder of The Book

Books as we have known them since Gutenberg printed the first bible;  paper, glue, boards, cover artwork, all the physical attributes will soon disappear the way the dodo did. The latest news of the Borders bookstore chain losing their fight to stay alive, hammers one more nail in the coffin filled to the brim with hardcovers, […]Read More

Getting Started Selling on Amazon

By Stephanie Samek If you dream about having an income-producing bookstore without the massive overhead of a bricks- and-mortar business, then online selling is definitely the way to go. For the beginner, an Amazon bookshop offers the easiest way to get your store started in a highly visible marketplace filled with millions of shoppers. But […]Read More

Your Bookshop – Choosing Where to Begin

Do you want to sell new books or used books? Do you want to stick to a specific type of book or have a general bookstore? Do you want to sell books online or in-store only? Do you want to be the dude selling books on a street corner? For a long time these, and […]Read More

Selling Books on the Internet

Selling books on the internet is an amazingly easy way to build your very own small business with little money and little risk. First let me get one item out of the way right from the start – eBooks. If the mainstream media reports were to be believed you would think that starting a business […]Read More