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7 Amazing Illustrated Editions of Neil Gaiman’s Novels Im a huge fan of Neil Gaimans novels: from the way his stories unfold to the complexity of his worlds. Ive been collecting his works, and various editions of them, for more than ten years, from his comics and novels to adaptations of his short stories and […]Read More

All About Community

This past week Dianne and I got to attend the Hachette-NAIBA Open House in Manhattan. Peggy wasn’t able to attend since she was on vacation that had been planned for quite some time. There were many other independent booksellers in attendance from the region and it was helpful to hear their concerns, as well as […]Read More

Subculture Spoken Here! (Hint: They read! You can sell them

by Jas Faulkner Fifteen years ago I was browsing in the graphic novels section at Media Play, a now-defunct retailer in Madison, Tennessee.  I had just picked up a trade paperback of Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles, when a young girl who had stepped up to look through the same shelves said, “That’s a good one.” […]Read More

All Hallow's Read

Community involvement by brick-and-mortar bookstores is something that I’m always pushing for, so I figured I might as well actually offer a concrete example of this for once, and not just parrot some high-minded ideal. Neil Gaiman is an author.  Depending on who you ask he’s a great author.  I’m a fan of his, although I’ll admit […]Read More

Forget About 11 Year Olds, I Want to Read These

Wow–a list of 50 books 11 year olds should read by ABE is fantastic, and embarrassingly I’ve only read a handful on the list–naturally Alice in Wonderland is one, and a title I haven’t thought about since I was 11! Emile and the Detectives. Once I saw the title, I remembered that I had loved […]Read More