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Considering a Facelift at Blarney Books, Port Fairy

We have been asking ourselves this question for the last five years, but I think we are reaching the decision that we probably should.  The front of our building isn’t very welcoming, looking more like a book warehouse than a character-filled secondhand bookshop.  We have a problem in that council doesn’t want us to change […]Read More

Tweet! Tweet! Let a little bird tell people about your

Twitter is the bastard child of blogging, social networking, news feeds, and online forums. Stick web 2.0 in a food processor and chop it into 140 character bite sized pieces and there you go. That's Twitter. As messy as it is, it can be a great way to market your shop. It can generate sales faster than many other types of marketing and only requires an investment of your time.Read More

Having a Sale? Let me know…

Just a quick note to let you all know that I’ve put a little space aside on the right sidebar of The Bookshop Blog as a spot to announce any upcoming sales or events you might be having.  If you are planning a sale drop me a line and I’ll put up a link to […]Read More

Using the Keyword tool in Google AdWords

The Keyword Tool in AdWords helps you refine your existing Keywords for your ads or find new ones. Log in to your account and click on a campaign. On the Keywords tab you’ll find a link to the Keyword tool. You have three options use; descriptive words or phrase, website content, and existing keyword. If […]Read More