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What The Hell is The Matter With Some Publishers?

I am the first to admit, I don’t understand the publishing industry. I don’t get the way they will publish a title, it does quite well, so they publish the next, and then stop. And not only do they stop, they refuse to publish either of the first two in paperback, which means the audience […]Read More


BSP—short for Better Speaking Program? Badly Spoiled Prom? Butter Squash Pumpkin? Blissfully Stupid  Politician? No, as unlikely as it may seem, BSP stands for Blatant Self Promotion. And in the crime fiction field, it seems as though indulging in BSP, is a badge of honor, or rite of passage for an author. Almost every writer […]Read More

Booksellers: "A Very Special Class Of Condescending Nerd"

  “Book stores employ a very special class of condescending nerd…  “If bookstores fall, America will be inundated with a  wandering snarky underclass of unemployable mock purveyors of useless and arcane esoterica.” The Daily Show on Comedy Central usually targets politicians, pop culture, movie stars, and finds hilarious behaviors to out and bring to the forefront. Either by Jon Stewart, or by one of his many ‘correspondents’, a point will be made about something highly ridiculous and whatever the subject be, it gets […]Read More

Banking on Their New Coffee Shop

Washington NC is a sleepy  town of 10,112, unless someone died or was born since we visited. It was deserted when we arrived, but  it was 100 degrees in the shade and maybe most humans preferred to survive and declined strolling outdoors. Self titled “The Heart of the Inner Banks,”  it’s bisected by the waters […]Read More

The Desert Moon Mystery. Kay Cleaver Strahan

The Desert Moon Mystery—Kay Cleaver Strahan–1928—used (several inexpensive copies available) You may have noticed, after three picks, that I tend to enjoy the Golden Age Of Mysteries. The time period of the 20’s 30’s, and for me into the 40’s. Back in the day, as they say, mysteries tended to involve puzzles, upper class victims, […]Read More

How One Bookseller Stays in Business After 20 Years

  Mystery Scene Magazine, a great source for all things crime fiction, and more, recently interviewed Augie Aleksy owner of Centuries and Sleuths. A combination of history, crime fiction, and biographies are the focus of his store, and he’s been successful at it since 1989. How he does it, his innovative ideas, and the bottom line, […]Read More

Censorship-Here, There, and Everywhere

I’ve never heard of someone demanding a bookseller remove an “offensive” book from their store before. I don’t think as a bookseller, I’ve ever encountered it. But some others have, and it begs the question, where does it end? The bookseller in the article questions his ordering practices–wondering if what he decides to purchase and […]Read More