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The Most Visually Stunning Libraries in the World

A little off topic but I thought these images were worth sharing. There’s nothing quite like a beautiful library, they have such a magical feel. These take that to a whole new level. Take a look at these visually stunning libraries, compiled by Sarah Park from Matador Networks. Complete with an art gallery, internet cafe […]Read More

Book Censorship Explored Through A Bette Davis Film

Clicking on Turner Classic Movies the other day, an unfamiliar film starring Bette Davis crossed the screen. It had been on for at least 20 minutes, and I hate entering a film after it’s begun, but it caught my attention because Davis was a small town librarian who apparently was in trouble for defending the […]Read More

When to Repair and When to Preserve a Book

by Carrie Bailey You can get all the materials and all the instructions you need to repair a book online. Some experts will recommend cleaning the book with a swab and dishwashing detergent. Others are bit on the fence about acid-free tape, because it’s just a book after all. It’ll be read. It’ll fall apart […]Read More

A Window Seat In The Norfolk CT Library

If there were a library the likes of the Norfolk CT one around me, established in that venerable year, 1888, I’d probably use it as a second home. One without taxes, mortgage, lawn to mow, or mother constantly chattering in my ear. I’ve not been in such an inviting space since a kid, at my […]Read More

The End For An Historic Library?

Sometimes it takes the threat of an important part of life being taken away, to realize it exists in the first place. That’s how it felt when I googled The Mount Holly Library and Lyceum, and realized I was eligible to take out a card and borrow books. It’s open to all who live in […]Read More

Tate So Called Publishing

So my mother is reading aloud from the local newspaper. Nothing new here. I get a rundown of obituaries and political letters daily. And sometimes, rarely, she reads something that actually may be of interest to me. This time it was about a local author signing a book somewhere at some time. A kid’s book; […]Read More

Banned Books Week’s Timeline Titles

I never remember when Banned Books Week is scheduled. I stumbled about online, and luckily realized it was happening, now, this minute, until October 2. 2012. My fascination with the convoluted and off kilter reasons for parents, townspeople, and school boards’ objections to certain titles never wanes. How could it? Every year a new title […]Read More

I Want to Build One!! NOW!

An author friend had this link up on her facebook page, Little Free Library   and now I am green with Little Free Library envy. The essential brilliant idea is to build a small waterproof container  on a stand much like used for mailboxes, incorporate a plexiglass window for the door, and put free books […]Read More