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Ebooks, Digital Preservation and a Nice First Edition

Frequently when I mention to someone my intentions to open a bookstore I will get an askance look and “why would you do that?” When I explain my various reasons the main objection I get back will always be something along the lines of “that’s all well and good…but what about e-books?” EBooks are a […]Read More

Are the Days of the Real Book Numbered?

CAN THIS BE THE END? BY Brian W. Webster I can feel the tremor of fear that runs through the book world with the advent of computered books and, to be honest I felt it too. But a thought came to my head from remembering a friend I had in ages past. He owned a […]Read More

Will the Kindle and iPad be the Downfall of Online

Is Kindle Going to Kill Us? It’s been a year since Amazon first reported earnings in which book sales were flat, but Kindles were in such demand that stocks were empty and back-orders were stretching into the tens of thousands. Since then, we’ve seen Kindle mature into a stable platform, Sony offer a competing digital […]Read More

Will the iPad and the iBook Store Change the Face

Do you sense a change coming in the publishing world? At the end of January 2010, Steve Jobs announced the highly anticipated Apple iPad, along with a number of iPad accessories at the latest Apple conference. As part of the launch of the iPad, which also functions as a rather stylish eBook reader, Apple announced […]Read More