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Absolutely Nobody Wants This Book

This is Part 3 of Nora’s series on Book Inventory. Nora can be found at Rainy Day Paper Back Exchange Please give her a visit. Part 1 | Part 2 ******************************* Admit it, nobody wants this book Eventually there comes a time when you must admit nobody wants this book. You could offer it as […]Read More

The fine art of Book Pricing.

I’ve looked on Abe, AddAll, Bookfinder, Amazon and I find no price reference anywhere. Google will tell me that the book sits in a few collections but this information does not help me set a price. What do I do? If you are selling books online this scenario will present itself fairly regularly. If it […]Read More

Do your books need a vacation?

Part 2 of our 3 Part series on Inventory Management by Nora of Rainy Day Paperback Exchange. What to do with an under-performing section Just plain moving it or remodeling it didn’t work, so now you need to bite the bullet and get rid of some books. But how do you actually get rid of […]Read More

Do your Buyers find what they want?

Here is Part 1 of a 3 Part series on Inventory Management. A great piece from Nora at Rainy Day Paper Back Exchange. It will get you thinking about optimizing your shop. It never hurts to do little a tweak here and there. We have sold many books right after moving them from one spot […]Read More

Have You Planogrammed Lately?

Another terrific article from one of our regular contributers. Take a moment to say Hi to Nora at Rainy Day Paperbacks. If you’d like to contribute a posting just send me an email (editor@bookshopblog.com) ***************************** When you have a limited amount of space, you must make the best use of what you have. This means […]Read More

Is eBay One of Your Suppliers?

Are you a buyer or a seller on eBay? I’m guessing that since your visiting a blog on book selling you may be a seller. I’ve been selling for a while on eBay and have seen prices sink lower and lower while fees continue to climb, so much so that I’ve made the decision to […]Read More

How many worthless books in your inventory?

A new post by contributor William Smith of Hang Fire Books The Unkindest Cut In preparation for an upcoming move, I’ve spent the last couple of weeks (with more to follow) going over every item in my inventory and pruning the dead weight. This has been a painful but instructive process. First I ran a […]Read More