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DEJA VIEW– Murder Gives a Lovely Light

Deja View A new section on the blog–Reviews of old titles, many from the Golden Age Of Crime Fiction.To find a copy of this or any other of the Deja View books–your local used bookstore is a great place to start. (The Murder In Retrospect is the icon for this group of posts) Murder Gives a Lovely […]Read More

The Last of the Bookmen

The Lorry Bookstore saga continues. . . After a sufficient amount of time spent on the cash register, I was aching to get onto the chewing gum laden floor and sell sell sell. Standing in my way? A  4 ft tall shellacked old lady whose smile could curl my dead lanky straight hair until I […]Read More

Nothing Stupid About This Article

http://prairiemary.blogspot.com/2011/01/education-for-dummies_31.html An excellent assessment of not only the “Dummies” books out there, but of our entire education system. Found at : link:http://shelf-awareness.com/Read More

Love Hurts

AbeBooks.com,a tremendous source for out of print and difficult to find titles, has provided a group of 25 when-love-goes-wrong titles, past and present. Before you hit the link, try to write a list of books you think fits the category, and compare it to theirs. I only matched a couple. I’m giving you one title by […]Read More

To Cull or not To Cull your Bookshop’s Inventory

I have problems with inventory management. I need to improve my inventory management skills. If I keep saying it maybe a miracle will happen. I keep on saying I must throw out those old Reader Digest Atlases they take up so much space and then lo and behold today someone buys one. See? I was […]Read More

Open A Used Bookstore – Lessons Learned

One of the first things we did as we were getting settled in on the first day was to look for the HIGHEST PRICED BOOK IN THE INVENTORY. We wondered: What does a 150 year old $1400 Angler book look like? The book was nowhere to be found!Read More