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Drop-Ins: Informal Bookshop Author Signings

It wasn’t until I started at the second mystery bookshop, that I learned how important a signed book is. The first store I worked in, Foul Play, although delightful, was small and predominately paperbacks. An author signing his or her book, never occurred to me. Not until a local author dropped by and asked if […]Read More

Nothing Up My Sleeve

I’ve always been fascinated by magicians and how they do their tricks. I honestly, don’t want to know the mechanics, the fun is wondering how that rabbit appears instantly from a top hat, or how a woman could possibly float in mid air apparently  with no strings attached, or how a an assistant can be […]Read More

Refreshing, Odd, Bizarre, Weird, and Wonderfully Offbeat Books

One of the cool things about AbeBooks.com, is the theme e-mails they send to customers, like myself. I use bookfinder.com, which in turn sends me to various internet used book sellers on Abe and other large sites. Before the invention of the internet, it could take months, sometimes years for a wanted book to be […]Read More

One Writer's Thoughts on e-books, and Bad News from Powell's

On the same page located on shelfawareness.com, a wonderful quote by an author sums up my feelings, and probably many other booklovers, to a tee. Right below this piece is the news about the big and wonderful independent bookstore in Portland OR, USA, Powells, who has had to lay off 30 workers over the past […]Read More

Funny and Pointed Response to Library of Congress About E-books

The quote is from the head librarian at the Library of Congress, so you’d think he’d be a bit smarter than his statement. The  statement was found on: http://www.shelf-awareness.com/issue.html?issue=1385#m11415 A response to the preposterous statement is sharp, witty, and on the money: http://julieandrews.livejournal.com/100569.htmlRead More

An Essential Component of a Bookshop

Liking your customers. OK, if not entirely in love, then at least tolerating their reading habits and purchases, and doing it while seeming to like the customers. Why is this simple thing so essential, and for some, so hard to accomplish? It’s essential for economic reasons. You buy books for the store. You need to […]Read More

Extremely Important Info for Canadian Booksellers

On Qull and  Quire an open letter by the CEO of Macmillan publishers regarding the bankruptcy of their Canadian distributer was posted. Booksellers should take note–it may affect their deliveries of anything shipped from this publishing house. Here’s then link: http://www.quillandquire.com/blog/index.php/2011/02/04/open-letter-from-macmillan-ceo-john-sargent-to-canadian-booksellers/Read More

Booksellers Owe Their Customers The Postman’s Rings

Ever wonder what the The Postman Always Rings Twice means? It has nothing to do with character or plot within the classic crime novel. James Cain worked out a system with his mailman. If he rang once, this means the envelope was thick, probably full of a contract and advance from a publisher. If the […]Read More