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I Finally Got The Plumley Inheritance!

If you’re thinking a relative of mine died and left me a fortune, sadly, no. But almost as valuable, an edition of a book I’ve been searching for over 15 years is now in my excited hands. The Plumley Inheritance is incredibly scarce. The author, Christopher Bush is not a favorite of mine–not at all. […]Read More

A Very Small Tip for Booksellers and Owners

Which–you all probably already know! But if you are like me when I first started, this book dilemma was perplexing and I’d no solution. If you have a hardcover, or to a lessor extent, paperback, that is cocked, meaning all the pages list to one side, there is a way to set them correct without […]Read More

The Mysterious Workings of an Independent Bookshop

I’ve been pondering and concentrating upon what I used to do all day as a bookseller. That aside, there was the slight difficulty of deciding which place of employment to remember–there were a few over the years, and each individual shop had its quirks and perks. Foul Play, a small well established mystery bookstore in […]Read More

A Scary Encounter With Stephen King

I don’t read Stephen King. Not because I don’t think he’s an excellent writer. He is. Too too good of a writer. I am one of those people who loves fictional murder because there is a structure, foul play occurs; clues abound; are investigated; characters throw around red herrings; the detective investigates and the murderer […]Read More

Censorship-Here, There, and Everywhere

I’ve never heard of someone demanding a bookseller remove an “offensive” book from their store before. I don’t think as a bookseller, I’ve ever encountered it. But some others have, and it begs the question, where does it end? The bookseller in the article questions his ordering practices–wondering if what he decides to purchase and […]Read More

A Devil of a Read!

Whether you believe in a red man with horns and pitchfork, or a evil creature in the form of a snake, or just plain bad karma, this list of demonic books are bound to flame your fears or at least provide hot entertainment. http://www.abebooks.com/books/satan-lucifer-dante-inferno-screwtape/devil-books.shtmlRead More

Why Collect? Or What The Heck is Hypermodern?

Why collect books? Why indeed. I asked myself the same question in the bathtub, snapping the binding of the latest Sue Grafton. I love to read but why bother to keep the book (just more clutter) let alone get a signature, put mylar on the dust jacket and place it it on a book shelf? The […]Read More