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Monte Cristo Race To Become a Bookstore–A Fight to the

The almost  bookstore I wrote about a month or so ago has an update on their financial progress–they have lowered their goal from 45, 000 to 10,000 and with loans etc, they can make the business a go. But only  two weeks remain until their deadline, if they don’t make their monetary goal, all the […]Read More

Books I Almost Read

Almost is the key word in the above title. Struggling to retrieve the joy and inspiration I acquire when reading has been tough, and tedious. I’ve opened and begun a slew of books. Some deserved to be abandoned quickly, others may have had potential that I ignored, and some were obviously quite good, and those […]Read More

A New London CT Bookshop Dream

To go directly to Indie GoGO to donate money to help get indie bookstore Monte Crisco up and running:   http://www.indiegogo.com/montecristobookshop With major changes to the entire industry leaving the concept of a bookstore, period, on shaky ground, opening an independent bookshop during these uncertain economic times sounds like savings suicide. Yet, this is exactly what a […]Read More

Where Have All The Indies Gone, and B. Dalton’s and

There is no place to buy new books anywhere within my radius, and I don’t live in Timbuktu. I live right outside a major city, suburbs with millions of people, and there are practically no bookstores. Three B&N’s are hanging on, but who knows if they will disappear the way the huge double decker one […]Read More

Murder For a Wanton

Occasionally I enjoy sharing with others those odd offbeat oldies crime novels that have been forgotten my most, but treasured by few. This one is perfect for a lover of city crime and action. Murder For A Wanton , Whitman Chambers, Caxton House 1939 Ernie Hynes, former star reporter for the Sun-Telegram newspaper has taken up the […]Read More

The Church of Dead Girls

Right off the bat, I need to tell you that there is a spoiler alert on this article. I will not be holding any thing back when I discuss this harrowing read by Stephen Dobyns. I almost never divulge important plot points or the ending–but the subject of the book, it’s theme, deserves some delving […]Read More

Introducing Authors

One of the amazing incidents I encountered when a bookseller for a major mystery store in Manhattan, was introducing one author to another and watching their interaction. Sometimes authors arrived at their current profession via other routes, ones where they may have gained success and fame, and now are trying their hand at writing. As […]Read More

Thanks A Lot, Justice Administration

Thank you so much for protecting us from Apple’s attempts to monopolize the e-book industry. Sure, they set e-book prices and colluded with publishers to do so. And, maybe from the short term view of the consumer and U. S. government, that is a very bad thing. As if monopolies are non existent except for […]Read More