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Why I Hate the Film You've Got Mail

No, not because it’s a re-re-make of a 1930s James Stewart film, The Shop Around the Corner, or because it’s a remake of a later film with Judy Garland which word for word is The Shop Around The Corner, nor is it because it involves AOL and e-mail. The premise of  two people who dislike […]Read More

Should One Person Decide A Schoolbook Should Be Banned?

One woman’s quest to ban a book in a Middle York, PA elementary school library continues on, even though district officials and educators deemed it acceptable reading in March 2010. The book in question is Stolen Children by Peg Kehret. A quick synopsis: A 14 year old and the child she’s babysitting are kidnapped, held, and […]Read More

Bookshop branding: Your store is not your own.

As an indie book store owner, it’s vitaly important that your shop tells a story that people want to hear –and tell — over and over again.  You need to create a legend that goes far beyond the stock & structure of your store — a myth that people will literally buy into. No, you’re not […]Read More