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An Embarrassment of Corpses–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time.

My greatest book selling acknowledgement came when Mr. Alan Beechey, author of one of my most favorite books ever, bestowed a town the name Plumley in his second book starring Oliver Swithin. After selling my page flicking fingers to the bone and making his first book An Embarrassment of Corpses named ‘most collectible’ by a […]Read More

The Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

I’m finally half way through the reviews of each mystery on my Best 100 Mysteries of All Time list! I’ve become less worried about the worthiness of each title after talking with an expert book collector and reader. Each individual’s taste is so different, that no matter what titles I include, someone will believe I’ve […]Read More

I Am SO Sick of Parents Dictating What Is Read

Yet again!! Parents must interfere with school curriculum! Banned Books reports all instances of challenged titles throughout the world–thank goodness some one is watch dogging all the insane Puritan parental ‘watch dogs’ out there. !Another! ¬†instance of a kid’s parents dictating to the school what is allowed, and what is forbidden to be taught has […]Read More

Are you 'Out There' – Do You Throw Your Boomerang?

One of the biggest problems of working by yourself from home is always being your own impetus. I’ve really been struggling with this and you might have noticed a lack of articles here due to that. This morning I put on some music and insisted I get motivated and get some actual work done as […]Read More