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Facebook for Fun and Theoretical Profit

I was talking to one of the owners of a local coffee shop. He’s a fifty-ish kind of fellow, similar to myself, like a bit of bluegrass music and has been in the food service business for a couple of years. I had worked up a wine-tasting cross-promotion between our store featuring some local Missouri […]Read More

Are you 'Out There' – Do You Throw Your Boomerang?

One of the biggest problems of working by yourself from home is always being your own impetus. I’ve really been struggling with this and you might have noticed a lack of articles here due to that. This morning I put on some music and insisted I get motivated and get some actual work done as […]Read More

Do you take advantage of free advertising?

Free classified sites as well as social networking site are becoming more and more popular, actually they are the most popular thing going on the web today. Can your business take advantage of these? All of your advertising expenditures need to be a carefully considered balance between cost and benefit. Often the first thing new […]Read More