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What will the word “book” mean to future generations?

by Jas Faulkner It might seem like a needless bit of sophistry to contemplate the evolution of the definition of  “book.”  We all know what makes up a book, right?  Say the word, “book” and the immediate association for most is still an aggregate of leaves bearing printed information, bound together with front and back […]Read More

Is Borrowing Books a Form of Stealing?

  Books don’t come with the piracy warnings that appear at the start of movies, enforcing the message that they are to be bought not borrowed. Books are made to be shared, and despite the fact that bad borrowing etiquette can make people angry when books don’t get returned quickly enough, or they come back tattered and […]Read More

Readers Who Love E-Readers

The number one reason I’ve found that people love kindle or nook or and ipad or iphone to read books, is how much easier a e-reader is to travel with, instead of individual titles heaped in a bag or loaded into luggage. Especially  when flying.  Instead of impulse buying a paperback at an airport terminal, […]Read More

No E-Book For Stephen King

I tried to purchase the latest Stephen King this weekend. At an honest to goodness real live indie bookstore in N. Jersey. They were out of stock. Out of stock!! After my mouth stopped its jaw dropping, the bookman explained he couldn’t keep it in the store,  that it’s an original paperback and not in […]Read More

A New eBook Distribution Solution

Spacing published an article the other day about a new way for users to interact with subway advertising devised by a few students at the Miami Ad School.  The idea they propose is called the Underground Library and the gist of it is that ads would be placed in the trains of the New York subway system […]Read More

What EBooks Mean to Book Collectors

 by Carrie Bailey The short answer, in my opinion, is nothing, but I want explore how I may be proven wrong. Imagine you lived in 1938 and heard Orson Wells’s radio broadcast of H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds. It’s a great moment in history if you aren’t familiar with the story. A young […]Read More

Have Book Will Travel

I suppose the kindle or nook or ibook could be considered a stack of books being lightly hauled from destination to destination by those who love to use them. Not of that ilk myself, I tend to enclose a book of some sort, hardcover, paperback, pulp fiction, doesn’t matter what form, so long as it’s […]Read More