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The Best Book Covers

The Best Book Covers

  I’ve already stated that the best book covers DO persuade  me and make a difference in whether or not I’ll purchase a title. What I didn’t relate is that dust jacket and book covers are a passion of  mine. I love illustration on practically anything; from packaging perfumes, to ads,[Read More…]

by November 18, 2011 Book Collecting, Dastardly Deeds
An Afternoon With Baroness  P. D. James

An Afternoon With Baroness P. D. James

My job of making sure authors signed books, no matter who they were or when they could come in, extended to one Sunday when the store I was working at usually closed. It was the only day Baroness P. D. James could make it to sign hundreds of her newest title[Read More…]

by May 4, 2011 Dastardly Deeds