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The Movie Was Better Than The Book

How many times can that be stated, I wonder? Naturally, it is assumed the opposite is true, that the book is sacred, and no cinematic representation can enhance it to the extent that the final result is more satisfying, or artistically superior than the original thoughts laid down on paper by the author. One of […]Read More

I Married a Dead Man–The Book I Sold Zillions Of

I would start: Picture This! Yes, that emphatically, with exclamation point stressed, palms out, as if to stop traffic. I did. More than once. Some poor unsuspecting individual would ask the innocent question, “what would you recommend,” and that’s all  the encouragement I’d need. ‘I’m ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille’. Lights, camera, action, […]Read More

Who Believes Robbing an Independent Bookstore is Profitable?

By Diane Plumley One would think no one. Apparently, however, two men didn’t get the memo– bookstores do not make money–because back in the early 1980s armed gunmen held up Lorry’s Book Company, not once, but twice. I arrived in New York City as so many current inhabitants did–hoping to ignite a theatrical career the […]Read More