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A Very Small Tip for Booksellers and Owners

Which–you all probably already know! But if you are like me when I first started, this book dilemma was perplexing and I’d no solution. If you have a hardcover, or to a lessor extent, paperback, that is cocked, meaning all the pages list to one side, there is a way to set them correct without […]Read More

Heaven is a Sublime Used Bookshop

I visited one of my favorite spots today. And in the future  will be interviewing the owners and writing up a profile of this wonderful bookshop, but for now, I wanted to share the delicious experience of meandering, chatting, discovering and luxuriating in the midst of books books books. Located on the main street  historical […]Read More

Leather Bound Classics

Leather Bound Classics If you have ever been to a book-lover’s home you knew it immediately.  Between the sweet musty smell of old paper to the obvious care and concern that each book on the shelves was alphabetized in its own logical category you knew this was a love affair.  Maybe you are a book […]Read More