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A Day at 'The Evil Empire' otherwise known as B&N

A former boss used to call Barnes and Noble, The Evil Empire, and meant it. I remember B&N before it became B&N, when it was a fantastic outlet for remainders and other books, a real bookstore–not  oh so full of itself, with author illustrated shopping bags, prepaid shelving for certain books, and a coffee shop […]readmore

A Soon to be Brick & Mortar owner

Five years ago I decided I wanted to own a used bookstore.  Four years ago, I decided it should be both online and “brick and mortar.”  Three and a half years ago I purchased my domain name (and have renewed it twice with still nothing worth mentioning on the site.)  Two years ago I registered my business name […]readmore

Should you add a Coffee Shop?

I have no idea how many comments I’ve fielded about how synonymous a used bookshop and a coffee hangout are.  It’s just the perfect, most fitting environment for it, right?  I mean, you’re sitting around with fine literature almost waiting to grab your pipe and coffee. But, let’s consider the business side of it… How […]readmore