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When An Author Comes To Visit

An important part of being a community bookstore is hosting authors – emerging and established, and all of us in between. Playing host or hostess can be a great deal of fun. It also can be exhausting and often stressful. We plan these events to hopefully bring more people into the store. More importantly, I […]Read More

Open Books, Chicago’s Little Gem

This is a guest post by Open Books, click here for more information on submissions. Book it to the Open Books Store We’re all familiar with the well-known cultural destinations in the Windy City – the museums, Wrigley Field, Millennium Park — but there is one little-known gem in Chicago’s River North neighborhood that every […]Read More

Serendipity At Allentown PA Ephemera Show

Finding desirous books can be quite serendipitous. For example, last Saturday at a very large book and ephemera show in Allentown PA, I found three titles I never dreamed of locating within a reasonable budget, and certainly not in person. Maybe through bookfinder’s ABE., or Biblio, but on a table or shelf right in front […]Read More

NY Antiquarian Book Show

At the annual New York Antiquarian Book Show, even the paper within a bookseller’s catalog, has a refined air. A fragrance if you will, of  expensively  printed sheets of paper, beautifully bound with my favorite illustration from In Powder and Crinoline by Kay Nielsen’s hand.Within its pages are detailed descriptions of tomes I’ve never heard […]Read More

Easy Readers

Originally, I had intended to write an article recounting my interest in American primers and first readers, along with Kathy McMillan’s influence and knowledge.  I asked her  a few questions, and she came back with an  illustrated supremely interesting full article that I did not want to disturb with my newly acquired insights. It was […]Read More

Primarily Basic Readers

By Kathie McMillan I did not set out to collect primers. It began quite by accident when I found Friends from the Children’s Own Readers series, which was illustrated by Marguerite Davis,an illustrator I had never heard of. I was rummaging around in an unlikely flea market here in my own small rural town with […]Read More

Forgotten Children’s Classics

Having explored all the children’s classics I haven’t read, I thought I’d delve into those old kids books long ago buried, most for very good reason. The ‘classics’ of my post title, is tongue in cheek, although there must be some books I have hanging around because of  illustrations that are familiar to readers. Raise […]Read More

Unread Children’s Classics

For reasons that escape me, I’ve at least 3 editions of Gulliver’s Travels. I haven’t read it, have no plans to read it. Just like I have no plans to read Treasure Island, Little Women, or Men, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan, Kidnapped, anything by Kipling, or Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Is the last even a […]Read More