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“Where do you get your books, and why we don’t

“Wow. I really like your selection. Where do you get your books?” the Customer asked. Little did he realize that I have a good understanding of customer-speak. Beneath his seemingly simple question lies his true thought: “I have a bunch of books I don’t need, and probably never read, and possibly my great-aunt Tilly left […]Read More

The strange literary pedigree of the LOLcat

Memes  are a relatively new idea that describes a very familiar concept.   Memes are like cultural genes.  They transmit cultural information and ideas through speech, gestures, and writing.  Memes can also be contagious and sweep through a population, such as the earworm.  Merely reading that the Macarena is an example of the contagious earworm […]Read More

Mascots, Helpers and Décor.

We would love to have a bookstore cat.  We think bookstore cats are enchanting.  We even have a few candidates at home, and one of those is a sweetie who qualifies as perfect for the job, a loving, dignified and charming example of the feline species.  The lady next door in the beauty salon brings her tiny dog […]Read More