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Tokyo has a “bookstore hotel” where you can read, sleep and now drink

Tokyo has a “bookstore hotel” where you can read, sleep and now drink

..and wouldn’t you know it, the Mrs. and I will be in Tokyo in a couple months. She tells me our accommodations are already booked! I may have to swing by to take a look anyway. – Bruce Just be careful not to spill your drink on the pages you’re[Read More…]

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The Affair at Royalties–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

The Affair at Royalties–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

The Affair At Royalties-George Baxt–1971-OOP I must be honest. I’ve no memory whatsoever of this book–what I mean is, I’ve no remembrance of the plot, characters or setting. The reason–I read it as a teen, and was struck enough by the story to carry around George Baxt’s name in my[Read More…]

No e-book, that's right, baby!

No E-Book For Stephen King

I tried to purchase the latest Stephen King this weekend. At an honest to goodness real live indie bookstore in N. Jersey. They were out of stock. Out of stock!! After my mouth stopped its jaw dropping, the bookman explained he couldn’t keep it in the store,  that it’s an[Read More…]

Lucky did not get lucky with Lola.

Bichons Frises–Love Them, or Love Them

I want to hate Lucky. I really do. He’s a 20 pound hairy pee machine, whose obstinate nature will not allow him to do his business outside in the wide wilderness of a back or front yard, or even against neighborhood trees and hydrants. On paper, he looked perfect. An[Read More…]

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OK, not the Abingdon Book, but close enough.

Old Is New Again Party Themes and Ideas

Parties with a central theme have been making a comeback, assuming they ever went away. I don’t remember birthday parties as a child having a big bash mentality of a particular Disney character, or  something like Sponge Bob Squarepants paper plates, streamers and prizes. I, myself, had very few parties.[Read More…]

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OK, so not half nude, but quite not a spinster either.

Trade Paperbacks Take Over the World

When did the powers that be decide that trade paperbacks were the right way to go? I understand why authors would welcome this format–I would gather that the more expensive the work, the more royalties paid. Mass market paperbacks give little return for the author. And maybe, maybe the print[Read More…]

Goodreads Sells Their Soul To The Devil

Goodreads Sells Their Soul To The Devil

I didn’t join Goodreads. Mostly because until recently I didn’t know what it was or what I would want to join for. Many authors and friends had suggested via facebook I should join, and that only made me less likely to do so, because I assumed it was another facebook[Read More…]

Murphy’s Loft Bookshop

Murphy’s Loft Bookshop

Murphy’s Loft, Mullica Hill NJ. This was my third experience in this laid back book and ephemera store. I visited years ago, and then a few months back, right after the original owner retired, and her son (grandson?) took the reins. Unfortunately, his mother decided to rid herself of half the[Read More…]