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Mall Book Stores: 100% Corporate, Just Add Character

by Jas Faulkner You could call this article “The Hanff Effect: Part One”. This story actually has two beginnings. The most recent is my friends’ experience with a reading group that had just finished Helene Hanff’s books and how they took them to heart. You’ll hear more about that later this month. What came up […]Read More

Tricks and Treats

by Jas Faulkner If you’re reading this not long after it was written (October 31st, 2013)  you have probably seen the many reports about an anonymous woman in North Dakota who declared that she was indeed passing out candy, but not to children she deemed “moderately obese”.  They would get letters addressed to their parents […]Read More

Book Censorship Explored Through A Bette Davis Film

Clicking on Turner Classic Movies the other day, an unfamiliar film starring Bette Davis crossed the screen. It had been on for at least 20 minutes, and I hate entering a film after it’s begun, but it caught my attention because Davis was a small town librarian who apparently was in trouble for defending the […]Read More

Buying an ebook

I don’t have a kindle, nook, ipad, or any other device in which to download books, unless you count my brand new used 4 iphone. Which I don’t. Reading a book on that would be like deciphering the written word from a dollhouse library. And yet, I was almost willing to try. Almost. Who is […]Read More

Collecting Side Show/Carny Books

It may seem an odd subject to want to amass titles, but for some, the quirkiness and oddities that circus sideshows and carnivals provide are fascinating subjects. I began to indulge in collecting any mystery that had a smidgen of sideshow or carny theme, and have progressed to purchasing non crime fiction too. Sideshows are […]Read More

Atticus Revisited

  by Jas Faulkner Where there used to be lots of chatter and lots of speculation with just enough nuggets of truth to keep people listening and wondering, now there are memes. Whenever something big happens, there are always quotes pulled from primary sources closest to the event, movies, TV shows, and yes, books.  There […]Read More

Putting Books In Hands

by Jas Faulkner I swear, there are days when writing for this site feels like I’ve been jumped in to The Fight Club. “You can write about this, but you can’t tell where…” “I would appreciate it if you didn’t reveal my sources for….” “Just don’t use my name.” Okay, maybe it’s not exactly like […]Read More

The Affair at Royalties–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

The Affair At Royalties-George Baxt–1971-OOP I must be honest. I’ve no memory whatsoever of this book–what I mean is, I’ve no remembrance of the plot, characters or setting. The reason–I read it as a teen, and was struck enough by the story to carry around George Baxt’s name in my wallet, in case something else […]Read More