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How To Profit With FBA

By Joe Waynick In my previous articles, “Have You Heard Of FBA?” I suggested that as a local retail store owner, you could significantly enhance your sales using Amazon.com’s FBA program. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the costs of doing business using FBA. One of the biggest reasons many store owners […]Read More

Have You Heard About FBA?

  FBA stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon.” It’s an order fulfillment service offered by Amazon.com that allows 3rd party sellers to procure inventory and send it to Amazon for storage in one of their warehouses. The seller then advertises the merchandise for sale and when it sells, Amazon fulfills the order and deposits the profits […]Read More

Storing & displaying books to keep them in best condition

Storage and display are the bane of the bookseller’s and book collector’s existence.  The more valuable the book and the better the condition it is to start with, the more likely poor display and storage are to damage the book.  Reading copies are already so far gone in condition, they’ll tolerate less than optimal condition […]Read More

A White Bookcase, flexible and functional

Why do I need a white bookcase? Even with the age of the computer and internet and the constant threat that books will soon be obsolete, the sale of books is always increasing since there is nothing to beat a good book in bed before you sleep. However, in order for your books to be […]Read More

How Do You Shelve Your Books When Patrons Are Not

I was having a look through some old Bookshop Blogs and found this one bookstore-shelving and it got me to thinking about the storage system I use at home. I don’t have a B&M store. My shop is web-based so I don’t need to display my books. I also don’t need to worry too much […]Read More