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Should One Person Decide A Schoolbook Should Be Banned?

One woman’s quest to ban a book in a Middle York, PA elementary school library continues on, even though district officials and educators deemed it acceptable reading in March 2010. The book in question is Stolen Children by Peg Kehret. A quick synopsis: A 14 year old and the child she’s babysitting are kidnapped, held, and […]Read More

How to package a book for shipping

Books are shipped to many places across the globe. Have you ever wondered how they are packed to keep them tamper-proof until they reach the destinations, what are the costs involved etc? There are several methods of book packaging. Some of them may be more cost effective than others. But when they are cost effective […]Read More

What's the Best Way to Package Books Sold on Amazon

If you own an online bookstore or just sell books occasionally on eBay or another auction site, you’ll need to ensure they are packaged safely and securely so they reach their destination without being damaged. There are several types of book packaging available and you should ensure that the type you choose is durable enough […]Read More

My experience with packaging books

When we first entered the book selling business we were complete beginners as far as shipping books was concerned. We had a lot of knowledge of shipping other materials bot not books. Luckily we had some of the correct aids and took advatage of those and merely use bubble wrap and large commercial envelopes as […]Read More

What do you do to help books age gracefully?

Quite often, when entering newly purchased books (used) you come across minor faults that you may gloss over until they get sold. By then, of course, you have forgotten their shortcomings and mail them, warts and all. I try to do mine as I go, it slows things down a little but often saves returns […]Read More

Shipping with Bubble Mailers

I ran a bookstore for four years and received hundreds of books in the mail. The majority of them arrived in bubble mailers, this seems to be the preferred method of packaging for online book dealers. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not a big fan of bubble mailers. I’ve written about book mailers […]Read More

Book Packaging, Easy, Safe & Inexpensive

Please, no more cheap Book Mailers. What are your odds of being content with the book packaging that shows up in the mail from books you’ve ordered online? Imagine trying to compare textbooks with a finely bound classic first edition. That’s the range of packaging I’ve had arrive at my door. My odds of being […]Read More