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James Bond Books in Order – and More

There are few literary characters that come close to James Bond. The hero has endured and evolved over an almost seventy year span beginning with his first appearance in Casino Royale, published back in 1953. In this post we’ll list the original James Bond books written by Ian Fleming, in chronological order, then move on […]Read More

James Patterson Books Chronological Order

(updated January 2020) James Patterson has written a Lot of books, some good, some ehh and some that are truly remarkable. He’s also written a few with co-authors like Andrew Gross. It can be a little confusing trying to figure out the order to read them (although many of his stories are quite independent). So […]Read More

Robert Ludlum Books in Chronological Order

Robert Ludlum was one of the best action writers of his time. He is the creator of the massively successful Bourne series and has sold close to a half billion books worldwide. Although he died in 2001 his brand lives on and continues to publish. Here is the list of Robert Ludlum books in chronological […]Read More

Nicholas Sparks Books in Order

Nicholas Sparks burst onto the literary scene in 1996 with his novel The Notebook. He is a classic case of the ten year in the making overnight success. The Notebook was actually his fourth book – though the first two novels were never published and the third was a little noticed, co-written, self-help book. His […]Read More