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James Patterson Books Chronological Order

(updated January 2020) James Patterson has written a Lot of books, some good, some ehh and some that are truly remarkable. He’s also written a few with co-authors like Andrew Gross. It can be a little confusing trying to figure out the order to read them (although many of his stories are quite independent). So […]Read More

Robert Ludlum Books in Chronological Order

Robert Ludlum was one of the best action writers of his time. He is the creator of the massively successful Bourne series and has sold close to a half billion books worldwide. Although he died in 2001 his brand lives on and continues to publish. Here is the list of Robert Ludlum books in chronological […]Read More

Stephen King Books Chronological Order

* Updated January 2020 We recently made up a nice list of James Patterson books so that fans wouldn’t miss one (as there are so many). We’ve been getting a lot of visitors coming to that page, so there must be a need. I thought it would be nice if we did the same for […]Read More