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Book Censorship Explored Through A Bette Davis Film

Clicking on Turner Classic Movies the other day, an unfamiliar film starring Bette Davis crossed the screen. It had been on for at least 20 minutes, and I hate entering a film after it’s begun, but it caught my attention because Davis was a small town librarian who apparently was in trouble for defending the […]Read More

Fig Leaves and Cappuccino

by Jas Faulkner “How are things?” I asked Sam as I flipped through pictures of Dore engravings. “Things are great,” said Sam, “Could not be better.  Have I told you my wife is a marketing genius?” “Do tell.  I take it there’s a good story about to happen.” Of course there was. And as many […]Read More

Banned Books Week’s Timeline Titles

I never remember when Banned Books Week is scheduled. I stumbled about online, and luckily realized it was happening, now, this minute, until October 2. 2012. My fascination with the convoluted and off kilter reasons for parents, townspeople, and school boards’ objections to certain titles never wanes. How could it? Every year a new title […]Read More

Banned Science Fiction and Fantasy Books

In light of the recent banning (again) of Slaughterhouse Five, a book site, Worlds Without Ends, decided to list any and all Sci Fi books known to have been banned at one time or another since publication. Most were no surprise. Of course, not being a fan of those genres, I barely read any, but […]Read More

A Real Kurt Vonnegut

I am a teeny bit embarrassed to admit, I’ve not read Vonnegut. Although certainly aware of his work. I’ve never had the inclination to pick his titles. Perhaps until now. On the Banned Books Week’s site, they linked to a letter Vonnegut wrote in 1973 to the head of a school board who had burned […]Read More

Stephen Colbert Vs Maurice Sendak, or Vice Versa

Once again, I tripped over an episode of mock conservative Stephen Cobert’s show, and low and behold, he’s interviewing the famous children’s writer and illustrator–Maurice Sendak. If you’ve not seen Colbert–think of a fake sincere smart aleck whose comebacks are fast and furious, and usually hilarious. I find it hard to believe in this day […]Read More

Is Canada A Better Protector Of Intellectual Freedom?

I ran across an article about challenges the Canadian libraries and school libraries faced for the year 2010. Despite lagging a year behind in their statistics, the outcome was quite pleasing to me, as someone who has written so much on banning books from school and public libraries in the US.  Report of the Annual […]Read More

Banned Books Week–Coming Soon To You

If you’ve been around my articles for any amount of time you may have noticed my links to the organization called Banned Books Week. There is an actual week of activity and runs the last week of September every year. The campaign was founded in 1982 by prominent First Amendment and library activist Judith Krug […]Read More