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Finding A Book In The Vast Tubes of the Net

I have an illustration that I slid off of an eBay auction about a billion years ago, when you could still do that. I loved it so much,  I tried to make jewelry, print it, do various and sundry things, but as it goes, dpi is notoriously low on eBay and most of the world […]Read More

Why Masculine Pen Names?

A friend of mine gave me a recent article revealing that women are still using male pen names, or initials to disguise the very fact they are women. The statistics show that men will invariably ignore anything that hints at a feminine hand, whereas women will read either sex. The publishing industry does nothing to […]Read More

Nature vs. Nurture

I used to believe that every human behavior could be explained by environment. Bad parenting begets bad people. No one is born evil, I’d scoff. It’s always the mother’s fault, Freudians would have us believe. And aren’t mothers of  perpetrators  who create mass destruction at fault?   The latest horrific act of violence has already […]Read More

Interviewing Dead Writers

I’m struggling to find questions for those authors who are among the living, partially because I am woefully behind in reading current mystery writers’ work. It does take a modicum of knowledge regarding a detective series, or suspense novel which one can only really get from spending time trundling across the internet for tidbits, or […]Read More

Suicidal Heroines

Anna Karenina has been made into a film. Again. I’m not certain how many times this new production makes, but in my opinion, it’s too many times. There is a finite amount of women committing suicide as a legitimate solution to their problems, I can take. Romanticizing the taking of one’s existence is ingrained into society’s […]Read More

John The Eunuch and Mary Reed, Eric Mayer–10 Questions

Ancient history is not a strong suit of mine. I enjoy it, especially when served up with mysterious mayhem and murder. Still, not having indulged in Mary Reed and Eric Mayer’s highly regarded series of John The Eunuch, I almost felt at a loss as to what questions I could ask. A little research into […]Read More

A Little Too Embedded

When does getting close to your biographical subject become too close for the subject’s wife? Or husband, if that ever happens–you know–a 60 some year old female has her 30 some year old biographer fall for her?  Yeah, right, you hear about it all the time–an older woman who has power is simply irresistible to […]Read More

Black Alibi–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Black Alibi— Cornell Woolrich–1942–used The Leopard Man played on Turner Classic Movies yesterday. It’s a must see, again, film. Atmospheric, and in some parts, downright suspenseful and terrifying, it cannot hold a reader’s breath, the way the original source does, Black Alibi. I’ve proclaimed it before, Cornell Woolrich in all his various nom de plumes […]Read More