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A Window Seat In The Norfolk CT Library

If there were a library the likes of the Norfolk CT one around me, established in that venerable year, 1888, I’d probably use it as a second home. One without taxes, mortgage, lawn to mow, or mother constantly chattering in my ear. I’ve not been in such an inviting space since a kid, at my […]Read More

Murder Within Murder-Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Murder Within Murder Frances and Richard Lockridge 1946 The first time I read the book, I was impressed with what I felt was new territory being explored–an old murder having a direct bearing on a recent one. It felt unique. But upon second reading for this list, I wasn’t as taken with the plot within […]Read More

2 Unusual Subjects

I finished two crime novels around the same time. I historically never read more than one title at at time. I thought I needed complete concentration on one–or I thought I’d be cheating on the book if I read a another as well. With age, and less time, I find myself  reading at least 2 […]Read More

The Jealous One–Best 100 Mystery Novels of All Time

The Jealous One—Celia Fremlin–1964  used. I wouldn’t leave the bathtub until I’d finished reading. I wouldn’t have a conversation with the husband, until the last chapters were gobbled up. I wouldn’t pay attention to anything else around me, even though I was at a pricey bed and breakfast for a two day romantic extravaganza. I […]Read More

What The Hell is The Matter With Some Publishers?

I am the first to admit, I don’t understand the publishing industry. I don’t get the way they will publish a title, it does quite well, so they publish the next, and then stop. And not only do they stop, they refuse to publish either of the first two in paperback, which means the audience […]Read More

Forgotten Children’s Classics

Having explored all the children’s classics I haven’t read, I thought I’d delve into those old kids books long ago buried, most for very good reason. The ‘classics’ of my post title, is tongue in cheek, although there must be some books I have hanging around because of  illustrations that are familiar to readers. Raise […]Read More

Edgar Award Nominees Are Announced

Mystery Writers of America have announced this years nominees for the fantastic Edgar A. Poe Award. I’m familiar with Lehane, Mosley, Atkins, and maybe a few more, but their recent books haven’t been read by me. There was a time, long long ago, when I had read everything nominated, and if I hadn’t, I would […]Read More

The Maltese Falcon–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

The Maltese Falcon—Dashiell Hammett–1930–in print This book is such a given, I thought I’d already wrote my little piece on it–but no! Anyone who hasn’t heard of the book must be living in a sad place. If you’ve not read it, only heard of it, you are living in a grey place. If you’ve only […]Read More