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Being Competitive From Afar…

As you may have seen in my previous post, I live in Perth Western Australia. A very far away place to be. The internet has provided a more even playing field in the world of internet retail. I can now sell to someone in Springer New Mexico, or Toulouse France or Cheltenham in the United […]Read More

More experiences selling books online

When you have kids with health challenges and you also have health challenges it’s sometimes advisable to find yourself a job at home.  It just makes it so much easier to take some time off to look after the kids or to take time off when you’re in pain or your body isn’t behaving.  I […]Read More

How We Came to Be: Part 1 Blarney Books, Port

a guest post by Jo Canham of Blarney Books When my partner and I still lived in Melbourne, I had a habit of browsing internet real estate, and usually looked up any place we had visited and enjoyed, fantasising about packing up and heading off.  I thought it was an innocent enough pasttime, that nothing […]Read More