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What's the Best Way to Package Books Sold on Amazon

If you own an online bookstore or just sell books occasionally on eBay or another auction site, you’ll need to ensure they are packaged safely and securely so they reach their destination without being damaged. There are several types of book packaging available and you should ensure that the type you choose is durable enough […]Read More

Will the iPad and the iBook Store Change the Face

Do you sense a change coming in the publishing world? At the end of January 2010, Steve Jobs announced the highly anticipated Apple iPad, along with a number of iPad accessories at the latest Apple conference. As part of the launch of the iPad, which also functions as a rather stylish eBook reader, Apple announced […]Read More

The Harsh Reality of Amazon

[Editor’s Note: Here is an email from one of our readers concerning selling books on Amazon and how lower cost items can be very difficult to make a margin on. We completely agree and now very rarely sell anything worth less than $20.00.] After reading the entry on how to open a bookshop that is […]Read More

Corrugated Mailing Boxes

Corrugated Mailing Boxes I want to talk to you for  a minute about shipping books. I owned a used bookshop for 4 years and learned a thing or two about shipping books, both from the sender’s end and the receiver’s end. To throw out some numbers, and keep in mind we were a small family […]Read More

Opinions Wanted: Do YOU look at feedback ratings?

I’ve been thinking of the topic of feedback lately and how it affects sales for online booksellers.  I’ve been selling books online for about 2 years now and have maintained a solid 98-99% feedback rating.  However, I don’t necessarily know if this has affected sales in any way.  I see all kinds of huge sellers […]Read More

Amazon to Purchase Abe Books

AbeBooks has reached an agreement to be acquired by Amazon.com, Inc. This is a major landmark in the 12-year history of AbeBooks. AbeBooks will continue to operate as a stand-alone business with all aspects of AbeBooks' bookseller and customer experience remaining intact.Read More

Phone Numbers for Abe.com and eBay

This list was put together by Joyce Godsey at The BiblioPhile Bullpen. Joyce also sells superior products for book dealers at Sic Press – worth a visit. *********************** Useful phone numbers for booksellers and online retailers: Abebooks.com Phone number – USA and Canada 800-315-5335 / other 250-475-6013 / 250-475-7575 / UK 44-211-7117069-40 sellertech@abebooks.com ABooksearch.com 831-728-4881 […]Read More