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Amazon Takes Over the World, One Publisher at a Time

Today’s news about Amazon purchasing a 62 year old publishing company with a backlist of 3,000 titles, isn’t a surprise. Nothing Bezos and Amazon does anymore can surprise me, unless they decide to treat employees well and stop using cutthroat tactics to kill competition. Avalon isn’t the first publisher Amazon acquired, and I have no […]Read More

Where Have All The Indies Gone, and B. Dalton’s and

There is no place to buy new books anywhere within my radius, and I don’t live in Timbuktu. I live right outside a major city, suburbs with millions of people, and there are practically no bookstores. Three B&N’s are hanging on, but who knows if they will disappear the way the huge double decker one […]Read More

Thanks A Lot, Justice Administration

Thank you so much for protecting us from Apple’s attempts to monopolize the e-book industry. Sure, they set e-book prices and colluded with publishers to do so. And, maybe from the short term view of the consumer and U. S. government, that is a very bad thing. As if monopolies are non existent except for […]Read More

Are Online Reviews of Books By Customers Fair?

I was starting to research an article about Valentine Day mysteries, and began with looking up a title by Dorothy Cannell. I’ve sold the lovely Ms. Cannell’s books, and  always had the impression her work was enjoyed by most. Well, if you were to go by reviews up on amazon, you’d think she’d written the […]Read More

Good For Them! But Is It a Sound Business Move?

Publisher’s Weekly covered the announcement by Barnes and Noble, that they will not carry anything published by Amazon in their brick and mortar stores. The fact that I am championing B&N is not lost on me. Me, who ten years ago likened B&N to the ‘Evil Empire’, like the Soviet Union. But now, just like […]Read More

The Old Book Shop

Sometimes the urge comes on me, and I desperately need to be among old volumes. The scent of fine aged paper, unopened boxes of new acquisitions, rows of superior bindings and dust jackets, ordinary reading copies that will be passed along to some other biblio, is essential to my mental health.  The spot I rush […]Read More

How To Profit With FBA

By Joe Waynick In my previous articles, “Have You Heard Of FBA?” I suggested that as a local retail store owner, you could significantly enhance your sales using Amazon.com’s FBA program. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the costs of doing business using FBA. One of the biggest reasons many store owners […]Read More

Fantastic New York Times Editorial on amazon Trickery

Richard Russo interviewed several best selling authors about the recent amazon trickery, and the results were comforting, at least. The authors, including, Scott Turow, Stephen King, and Dennis Lehane all found amazon’s tactics less than a stellar business practice. However, the comments to the article were typical in the ‘oh you elitists’ and ‘poor amazon’ […]Read More