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The Anthony Award Nominees are Announced

The Anthony Award Nominees are Announced

The premier fanfest, Bouchercon, will be held this year in Cleveland OH, Oct. 4-7. Each year at the convention, awards named for Anthony Boucher, a well known mystery critic and novelist, are given out. The fans who pay in advance to attend, send in nomination ballots, and then vote on[Read More…]

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New London dream bookshop

A New London CT Bookshop Dream

To go directly to Indie GoGO to donate money to help get indie bookstore Monte Crisco up and running:   http://www.indiegogo.com/montecristobookshop With major changes to the entire industry leaving the concept of a bookstore, period, on shaky ground, opening an independent bookshop during these uncertain economic times sounds like savings suicide. Yet,[Read More…]

Diane Plumley Bio and Contact info

Diane Plumley has had numerous ‘careers’ throughout her ancient life, but bookselling remains as the high point. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, she worked as cashier and then book buyer/bookseller at a store no longer in existence, (nothing new there) called Lorry’s Book Company.  Many moons later, she[Read More…]

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So Long For Now, Ray Bradbury

So Long For Now, Ray Bradbury

I found Mr. Bradbury late in life. About 6 years ago I decided I wanted to read, Something Wicked This Way Comes, because of the carnival theme. I had believed throughout  my reading life that Bradbury wrote science fiction–flying saucers, aliens, manned space expeditions. So, I avoided him like the[Read More…]

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A fine romance, with no clinches

Amazon Takes Over the World, One Publisher at a Time

Today’s news about Amazon purchasing a 62 year old publishing company with a backlist of 3,000 titles, isn’t a surprise. Nothing Bezos and Amazon does anymore can surprise me, unless they decide to treat employees well and stop using cutthroat tactics to kill competition. Avalon isn’t the first publisher Amazon[Read More…]

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Call the lawyer

Stereotyping Lawyers?

I don’t read many legal thrillers, or mysteries. I do enjoy Lisa Scottoline, her books are fast but also full of great characters and plot lines, and the lawyers aren’t  depicted as scum of the universe like other titles I’ve scanned. I read one Scott Turow–his first, and no Grisham,[Read More…]

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Is Nobody Sacred?

Is Nobody Sacred?

Sitting in the movie theatre waiting for Johnny Depp to appear as Barnabas Collins, various trailers were screeching across the screen. Violent one and all, nothing new there. But when the familiar figure of our most beloved president appeared, I was pulled in–for about 30 seconds. Because after identifying the[Read More…]

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From Whence Does My Love of All Things Books Derive?

From Whence Does My Love of All Things Books Derive?

Or, why am others and I like me, obsessed with books?  Yesterday I think I startled a friend with my guttural reaction to her having ripped apart some old used children’s books we had found together for a project we are jointly working on. She is not careless or indifferent to[Read More…]

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