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Are Some Booksellers Out of Register?

It happened again. I found a title with divine illustrations that I could afford, and ordered it from ABE or another seller on the bookfinder website. I eagerly mutilated the box tearing tape and cardboard in my haste to see the promised art. A Mother Goose naturally, this one illustrated[Read More…]

4 boxes of books removed due to CPSIA


Nothing sends customers into a tizzy faster than a missing package.  Once it leaves your hands, there’s only so much you can do to find one of these waylaid packages.  Tracking SHOULD tell you where it is, but if it wasn’t scanned in at a step, it can appear to[Read More…]

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International shipping: how long will it REALLY take to get there?

The shipping estimate on the USPS website is lovely, but its not actually guaranteed for most shipping classes.  For First Class mail, estimating when it will ACTUALLY arrive vs when the the USPS says it will can be frustrating.  Having shipped hundreds of packages overseas, here’s how I estimate when[Read More…]

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How To Profit With FBA

How To Profit With FBA

By Joe Waynick In my previous articles, “Have You Heard Of FBA?” I suggested that as a local retail store owner, you could significantly enhance your sales using’s FBA program. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the costs of doing business using FBA. One of the[Read More…]

by December 22, 2011 Inventory Management, Selling Books Online
Have You Heard About FBA?

Have You Heard About FBA?

  FBA stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon.” It’s an order fulfillment service offered by that allows 3rd party sellers to procure inventory and send it to Amazon for storage in one of their warehouses. The seller then advertises the merchandise for sale and when it sells, Amazon fulfills the[Read More…]

by December 12, 2011 Selling Books Online
Internet Sales Tax Legislation Gains Steam

Internet Sales Tax Legislation Gains Steam

New legislation to impose state sales tax collection requirements on Internet retailers such as is in the works according to Republican Senator Lamar Alexander. Legal confrontations between the giant Internet retailer and state lawmakers have been occurring for years as cash-strapped states continue to pressure Amazon to comply. However,[Read More…]

by December 6, 2011 News & Opinions, Selling Books Online

Did this come with a dust jacket? and does it matter?

Most, but not all, hardcovers come with a jacket of some sort.  If its missing, it can greatly effect the value of the book.  But not all books come with jackets and its sometimes hard to tell if it was issued with one or not. Recent books, the data from[Read More…]

Should Internet Sellers Be Forced To Collect State Sales Taxes?

Should Internet Sellers Be Forced To Collect State Sales Taxes?

By Joe Waynick Internet retail giant and the state of California have been locked in legal combat the past few months because state lawmakers want the retailer to begin collecting state sales taxes on Internet sales made to California residents. Under federal law states can only require companies to[Read More…]

by September 28, 2011 News & Opinions, Selling Books Online