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Trembling Fist by Lance Manion

Self-Publishing is Here to Stay

A Guest Post by author Lance Manion ¡Viva la Revolución! The more articles I see about how self-publishing is ruining the literary world the happier I get. The establishment is finally waking up to the fact that their influence is going to start to wane. Cocktail parties, press junkets and[Read More…]

by November 28, 2013 Self Publishing, Writer's Corner
How to Market Your Book

How to Market Your Book

Congratulations on crossing “Print My Book” off of your bucket list! However, the self-publishing community often faces trials and tribulations after the book has been printed. If the first group of printed books did well, but you’re struggling to keep selling them, we’ve got some fresh ideas that anyone can[Read More…]

by October 31, 2013 Self Publishing, Selling Books Online