Opening a Bookstore

Is it Difficult for a New Bookshop to Find Books?

Is it Difficult for a New Bookshop to Find Books?

The weather in North Carolina has turned a corner toward fall, which means that occasionally I can open the doors to my store and let some air in. I’ve been spending most of my days behind my new counter, organizing sorting, cleaning, pricing and studying. Even though there is a[Read More…]

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A Simple Model for Pricing Paperbacks

I am finally home after 10 days on the road. My trip was mostly devoted to burying my father, but I did find time to visit several bookstores in Massachusetts, a state lush with them. One store in Danvers was a discouragement; it had more 10,000 square feet and 100,000[Read More…]

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Opening A Bookstore, Relocating Bookstock

I am writing this from Lynnfield, Mass., where I am preparing for my father’s funeral. He passed away last week, in the middle of my hectic transfer of the contents of one bookstore to another. His death was no surprise; he had been declining for months and barely alive for[Read More…]

The Birth of a Used Bookshop

This is the first of what I hope will be a series of reports on the birth of a book store. From where I sit today, 21 days after the idea was first conceived, the future looks like a maze of unanswered questions. As I go along, I’ll describe how[Read More…]

Jones and Holmes---Duo fighting for a little Indie justice!

Monte Cristo Race To Become a Bookstore–A Fight to the Finish

The almost  bookstore I wrote about a month or so ago has an update on their financial progress–they have lowered their goal from 45, 000 to 10,000 and with loans etc, they can make the business a go. But only  two weeks remain until their deadline, if they don’t make[Read More…]

Used Bookstore Franchising

Used Bookstore Franchising

  In a previous article called, “Can You Franchise the Used Book Business?” I wrote the following: “I do not plan on ever franchising. I simply do not want to give the branded name of my store to someone else.” Well, almost exactly 3 years later, I’m now the CEO[Read More…]

Opening a Bookstore Tip #2

Opening a Bookstore Tip #2

In one of my first Bookshop Blog posts, I shared some of the most useful tips I’ve compiled over the last four years or so (yes, it has taken me that long to prepare to open a physical storefront; no, I wouldn’t trade that timeline, as I’ve learned so much).[Read More…]

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