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Great Black Kanba–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Great Black Kanba–Best 100 Mysteries of All Time

Great Black Kanba—Constance and Gwynth Little–1944–IP The sisters were consistently hilarious. “Carolyn Hart (Grand Dame of cosy mystery writing) calls this tale of mistaken identity, barking lizards, multiple beaus and murder on a trans-Australia railroad trip one of her five favorite mysteries ” Great Black Kanba turns out to be[Read More…]

No e-book, that's right, baby!

No E-Book For Stephen King

I tried to purchase the latest Stephen King this weekend. At an honest to goodness real live indie bookstore in N. Jersey. They were out of stock. Out of stock!! After my mouth stopped its jaw dropping, the bookman explained he couldn’t keep it in the store,  that it’s an[Read More…]

Old Theme Parties–Part 2–The Weirder Ideas

Continuing theme parties—For those who go down the shore and give parties–I know plenty of you must, ha, the Abington Party Book by Ethel Owen has a gala set up for you.  The beginning of the invitation suggested goes like this: In the days of our childhood gone by For[Read More…]

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The building where Kitty Genovese was stabbed.

Kitty Genovese’s Attack in Novel Form

Anyone who has lived in New York City knows the name Kitty Genovese. Even if not living in 1964 during the fatal attack on Ms. Genovese, the legend is strong. If not familiar with this horrible murder, Ms. Genovese departed her train and began walking the 100 yards to her[Read More…]

Romance Novel Disguised as Victorian Spiritualism

Romance Novel Disguised as Victorian Spiritualism

Because I have a fascination with people who fake talking to the dead, or actually believe they talk to the dead, I went to Lily Dale, and Camp Chesterfield, two hotbeds of spiritualism. The first was a lively, forgive the pun, place, the other seemingly dead and buried. I’ve sought[Read More…]

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OK, not the Abingdon Book, but close enough.

Old Is New Again Party Themes and Ideas

Parties with a central theme have been making a comeback, assuming they ever went away. I don’t remember birthday parties as a child having a big bash mentality of a particular Disney character, or  something like Sponge Bob Squarepants paper plates, streamers and prizes. I, myself, had very few parties.[Read More…]

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The Parachute Murder

The Parachute Murder

The Parachute Murder–Lebbeus Mitchell 1933 I know, you’re thinking, oh that Lebbeus Mitchell! The one who wrote a single mystery and then either stopped writing, or readers politely declined buying the book. I was bummed to learn that no where on the internet was an image of the dust jacket[Read More…]

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Am I the only one who finds her head is at an odd angle?

Strange People

I was adding a book to my pile of  ‘get rid ofs’ when I glanced at its name. Strange People by Frank Edwards. I realized right then I couldn’t give away anything with that alluring of title. Even if I’d read it.  So, I put it aside. Which means it[Read More…]

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