Can Used Bookstores do Well in a Down Economy?

A Fantastic post on the US economy and how it relates to Bookshops by Tom over at Pazzo Books. If you’re in the Boston area (Roslindale to be more specific) you should check out his shop. ********************* How ‘Bout that Economy? I was reading some talk recently – I think on the ABE forum – […]Read More

It's not the Venom, it's the Bite

Here is a terrific view into a Boston area auction from Tom of Pazzo Books. *************************** October 9th Auction notes – It’s not the Venom, it’s the Bite There’s a book auction that we frequent perhaps 10 times a year – typically we go to the uncatalogued sales to pick up lots of material that […]Read More

If only my allowance were a tad bigger – Hemingway

Another entry from our distinguished writer from Massachusetts Tom Nealon of Pazzo Books A signed proof of Hemingway’s For Whom the Bell Tolls is headed for auction in November at Swann. It has a signed dedication to Martha Gellhorn, Hemingway’s fiancee and is signed to his friend and longtime employee Toby Otto Bruce, as well […]Read More

Don't get hung up on your buying mistakes – sell

Posted by Tom Nealon of Pazzo Books Dana’s great story about the Baum that got away reminded me of mistakes in book selling. I traded stocks for a few years, and the most common mistake is to get married to your screw-ups. You bought something at 20 that you were SURE was a winner. It […]Read More

A word on Specialization for Book Sellers

Tom Nealon of Pazzo Books brings us his first post on specialization and how you might want to get your feet wet after first opening a shop. Some good thoughts for veteran sellers as well. ************* After the initial madness of setting up a bookstore (be it online or an open shop), and assuming you’re […]Read More

Introducing Tom Nealon, joining us from Pazzo Books

Here’s a short bio of Mr. Tom Nealon. ****************** My brother and I opened Pazzo (we tell people it’s because Yossarian’s Roman prostitute in Catch-22 would chase him around the brothel calling him Pazzo – crazy in Italian – but mostly we just liked the name)Books in the slightly more wooded area of Boston in […]Read More