Do you want a Secondhand Booksellers Bootcamp in Australia?

In a previous post I mentioned a Booksellers’ Boot Camp I’d read about where sellers of antiquarian and secondhand books learnt so much about the antiquarian and secondhand book trade.  Some of the topics they learn about are: How to Handle Books Mail order/online bookselling, including ethics and traditions Acquiring stock Wrapping and Shipping Technology […]Read More

Setting a Price on Bulk Book Purchases

I wrote about buying books in bulk sometime ago and had a comment on it.  I’m not used to getting comments on articles so I don’t come back and check in order to answer questions.  Louis G (who is an author on this blog) eventually emailed me his question and this article is to try […]Read More

Look to Auctions for your Book Inventory

The topic of finding stock is a never ending one.  You’ll find many articles about this topic on this blog and on other blogs worldwide.  Each country/region has it’s different challenges and Australia is no different.  I find my books in so many different ways: op shops; garage sales; online auction sites; deceased estates; and […]Read More

The Process of Pricing a Book to Sell Online

Buying books to sell online is a very exciting process. I seriously enjoy the buying of books and can wax lyrical for days about the joys of going op shopping or putting together a box or more of books at a book fair, but this is only a part of the process. Once I have […]Read More

Getting Boots Into Your Bookshop

Online shops and physical bookshops share some challenges and one is called traffic, getting people to actually come in the door.  Physical shops do this by being in a good location and by advertising, online shops do this with SEO.  There are many different forms of SEO, there’s all the traditional forms of SEO which […]Read More

When does bulk buying for your bookshop get out of

The listing was for 2,000+ books and I won it for some ridiculously small amount, totally stunned at that as I kept on reducing my top price before I actually put in my bid. When I got there, with my nephew for muscle, there were more like 4,500 books. I know it's not a lot compared to some other people's buys but it was a lot for me at the time, bear in mind I was really only starting out and I used to buy a handful of books at a time at op shops and garage sales. I was Read More

Op Shops, Thrift Books and the thrill of the book

Op Shops. I’ll be writing more about op shops in future blog posts so I feel I should explain more about them now. If you’re in Australia you won’t need to read any further but if you’re elsewhere in the world and you don’t understand I do ask you to read this. The phrase Op […]Read More