Bookstore Owners, Are Church Sales Your Enemy or Your Partner?

Whether or not we want to admit it, local, charitable, nonprofit organizations are in competition for local dollars with businesses that need to turn a profit to stay alive. School bake sales take customers from the bakery, church fund-raising meals siphon diners away from restaurants, and amateur sales of arts, books and crafts, while they […]Read More

Making your Bookstore Inviting

When you visit a strange bookstore for the first time, what goes into your first impression? Organization is important, so you can find what you want, but isn’t that second to whether or not the shop feels inviting?Read More

Creating Demand in your Bookstore

Don’t Wait for Demand—Create It! We all know that demand drives prices in out-of-print books and drives sales of new books, too, but how many of us realize that we can work to create demand? Let me take my example from my own bookstore. Dog Ears Books in Northport, Michigan, has a small but concentrated […]Read More

Making It Memorable with an Impromptu Salon

More and more, I am convinced that what we are selling in a bookstore—and here’s an area where the bricks-and-mortar business differs sharply from online selling—is a total experience. In my bookstore, philosophy is often the focus of an impromptu salon...Read More