Google eBooks: A Game-Changer?

It seems almost too good to be true. Earlier today I found out about Google’s new ebook service, Google eBooks, which will apparently be available in the US by the end of 2010 and to international markets within a few months of the beginning of 2011. Google once again is poised to change the way […]Read More

Bookshop Layout and the Importance of Display

The way that a bookstore presents itself plays a role in determining how well it does. While I do agree that there are important ways in which a bookstore must present itself to maintain a customer base (especially the smell of the store), I feel that there are also certain intangible qualities that can define […]Read More

Book Sellers: Don't Fear the eBook

I went to the New York Comic Convention this past weekend. In between wandering the show floor, meeting authors, artists, and book store owners who had booths there I decided to take in a couple of panels on the state of the comic industry. While the comic industry is slightly different from the book industry, […]Read More

Your Bookshop – Choosing Where to Begin

Do you want to sell new books or used books? Do you want to stick to a specific type of book or have a general bookstore? Do you want to sell books online or in-store only? Do you want to be the dude selling books on a street corner? For a long time these, and […]Read More

Book Review: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour

Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour is out. The 6th and final book of a series that has been published one volume per year since 2004 is out. The story is finished. In the months leading up to this book release all readers have been waiting to find out what would happen. Will the plotlines be resolved […]Read More

Comics, eBooks and Apps – How does a Brick and

There has been a dramatic shift in the publishing industry in the past couple of months. This is one that might not be seen as important by many of the readers of this blog, but it is going to have a huge impact on at least one sub-set of the bookstore industry. I’m talking about […]Read More

Ebooks, Digital Preservation and a Nice First Edition

Frequently when I mention to someone my intentions to open a bookstore I will get an askance look and “why would you do that?” When I explain my various reasons the main objection I get back will always be something along the lines of “that’s all well and good…but what about e-books?” EBooks are a […]Read More