Bookstore Organization

Organization is key.  Maybe this is the librarian in me talking, but if a bookstore is to operate properly it needs to be organized.  If the store isn’t, it costs staff and customer time and that costs the store money.  If the sections of a store aren’t organized the customers can’t find what they are […]Read More

Scary Days for Toronto Bookstores

Every time I tell people I want to open a bookstore I get weird looks that can be roughly translated as “have you really thought this through?”  Then they ask me if I know about ebooks and how I feel about having to compete with Chapters/Indigo.  I tell them about my business plans and assure […]Read More

The Format Wars have begun

  The Format Wars have begun!  To arms!  To arms!  Choose your weapon, grab your hardcovers for close-in combat, your paperbacks for ranged attacks.  Get your kindle and hope that the screen doesn’t shatter on the first impact! A month or so ago I read the headline “Barnes & Noble Pulls Watchmen, Sandman And 100 DC Graphic Novels From […]Read More

All Hallow's Read

Community involvement by brick-and-mortar bookstores is something that I’m always pushing for, so I figured I might as well actually offer a concrete example of this for once, and not just parrot some high-minded ideal. Neil Gaiman is an author.  Depending on who you ask he’s a great author.  I’m a fan of his, although I’ll admit […]Read More

Like You and Me, an eBook Can Also Have a

Borders has closed.  This is a shame and a travesty.  In an era when there is more being published and more of the population is literate than ever before, why is a bookstore closing?  One issue that has risen out of this is something that I alluded to in an earlier article on eBooks.  Namely: […]Read More

Bringing the Printed Word to Life

  Quite often I’ve written about civic engagement being a big part of what a brick-and-mortar bookstore can do to build a customer base.  By being more than simply a place that has books to buy you create a reason for the customers to want to visit your store.  The book can be a tool of civic […]Read More