Our Bookshop Event: Where’s President Carter?

When we booked our event with former President Jimmy Carter, we began a half-joking ritual of knocking on wood whenever we mentioned our preparations. As the weeks progressed, we learned that in spite of his age, President Carter was witty, inquisitive, and still very much involved in world politics. We heard stories of the 1200 […]Read More

Create some momentum with a well planned event

I’ve spent the last three years at Joseph-Beth Booksellers coveting “indie bookstore moments.” You know them — the first time a local Dungeons & Dragons group sets up shop, the first time a customer hugs you because they absolutely loved your last recommendation, the first time you get a handwritten thank you from a five-year-old. […]Read More

Where do you get your Book News ?

A customer approached me this weekend with a laundry list of books. One title was On The Brink by Henry M. Paulson, Jr. — we were sold out and the books were on backorder. As we headed upstairs he asked how many copies we had sold. I told him we’d sold the initial buy of […]Read More

Are you always planning ahead?

I spent a recent lunch break attempting to clean off my desk while replying to email, listening to voicemail, placing a book order, addressing an employee concern, and actually eating my lunch. I kept kicking a box that had been shoved under my desk and I finally hauled it out after cursing at it for […]Read More