How to attract customers to your bookshop

Success or failure in business comes down to meeting your expenses and hopefully generating enough profit to build a comfortable lifestyle and all this comes down to profitable sales from customers. Having plenty of stock means nothing if you haven’t got the customers to purchase your books, so the fundamental question is: how do you […]Read More

How to detect customers that will waste your time or

  Time is precious in a bookshop and unless you have a plethora of sales assistants working for you, then you need to carefully ration your time. Some customers are worth the time you spend on them because they make worthwhile purchases and have interesting information to offer, others just want you to chase after them […]Read More

What books to stock your bookshop with and what books

It seems easy enough: find a vacant shop, fill it with bookshelves, fill those shelves with books and start selling books. You’re in business! You’re now a book seller. You also need customers, people willing to buy your books at the price you set. The question arises: what sort of books should I buy and […]Read More