Opening a UK Bookstore Part 3

Opening a UK Bookstore Part 3 (Jenks’ Story: Part 1 & Part 2) Doom and Gloom I didn’t write a blog last week. I couldn’t quite bring myself to admit that, since I started writing for about a month ago, the exact progress I have made in getting my dream of opening a bookshop […]Read More

Starting a UK Bookstore Part 2

Laura Jenkinson (Jenks) first shared her idea in her introductory post: Bookselling, it’s in the bone What ‘type’ of bookseller are you? While in the process – the *slow* process might I add (to update you, I am still waiting around for the bank which, after fourteen days, hasn’t processed my Business bank account because […]Read More

Bookselling, it’s in the bone

I don’t think I’ll ever feel such a mixture of inordinate glee and absolute terror as that thought gave me. Opening a bookshop, the very phrase, filled me with paroxysms of delight. I was completely in love with my imagined atmospheric and dark shelves, full of books and decorated with...Read More