Selling Books around the World

Written By Louis Gereaux With the advent of the web, many bookstores whether online or not have sold books internationally, or have considered selling to the rest of the world as an option.  The web provides access to customers worldwide.  One advantage of carrying a line of English books is that there are several countries […]Read More

Book Stickers: Remove ‘em or Leave ‘em?

In the part of your day involving your physical inventory of books, you’ll come across a lot of small tears, rips, and worn cover edges.  About this time, as you pick up a well worn book, you might be muttering to yourself ‘glad this is a library book because the customers won’t expect me to […]Read More

Collecting Rare Books: From Wealth to Weirdness

Written by: Louis Gereaux Collectors in other fields usually search out hard-to-find items: rareness is valued in and of itself. Rare books are no exception.  However, the word rare does not have the same connotation in book collecting that it does in coin or stamp collecting.  Rare books are not valued because of their rarity […]Read More

When do I hire staff for my bookshop?

When you hire an employee, it means that you take a step back and a step up to bookstore manager. You are doing less of what you love – that of dealing with books – and more of your time is spent setting up meaningful work for an employee...Read More

Improving Inventory Turnover in Your Bookshop

The Benchmark of Bookstore Sales Performance By Louis Gereaux Many of us who have become bookstore owners have a passion for books.  To live the dream as a professional bookseller, we also need to maintain a strong interest in the basics of the retailing business.  A foundation of the merchandising business is Inventory Turnover.  One turn is […]Read More

Bookstore Speak: Words of the Trade

All booksellers of used books will have at one time or another come across the word dog-eared. What does that word mean anyway, and where did it come from? Dog eared pages are less common in today’s fast turn around of used books. Many used book are almost new. It might be that more readers are using the bookmarks we stick in our books for sale, who knows? But the term dog eared means a turned down corner of a book page.Read More