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Square Card Reader

Low Cost Credit Card Processing Solutions

Heraclitus is credited with stating that “everything flows , nothing remains “.  It is certainly true in the world of business and in the world of the book business.  I opened my  first retail store in 2002.  It was a gift shop. I was very happy to obtain a merchant[Read More…]

by November 26, 2012 Brick and Mortar Thoughts
Wheel of Death

Graceful Exits

In the midst of begats and died one name stands out – Enoch. In the Christian Bible book of  Genesis the story is told that “Enoch walked with God and he was not, for God took him” . I know that I am not the only one who has wondered[Read More…]

by November 19, 2012 Books & Mags
Random Musings of A Mad Bookseller

Random Musings of A Mad Bookseller

  It must have been in 9th grade or so when I first read the poem in my high school English class.  The imagery of the poem entranced me !  It became one of my favorite poems.  Like a piece of clothing washed too many times , life and time[Read More…]

by November 12, 2012 Miscellaneous
The fables of John Gay

In Defense of Real Books

I love books and always have.  I would have a hard time imagining a world without books.  I know that there are societies that still exist that don’t have books and they seem to get along just fine.  I am not an anthropologist and don’t know all of the social[Read More…]

by November 5, 2012 Books & Mags
Shipping Large Boxes of Books Revisited

Shipping Large Boxes of Books Revisited

This is the second part of my “Shipping Large Boxes of Books” In the first part of this I related the story of shipping a large set of “The Encyclopaedia Britannica” to a customer at a US Embassy. Early in October I got another order for a set of “The Encyclopaedia[Read More…]

by October 29, 2012 Selling Books Online
Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde

Happy Birthday Oscar Wilde

    October 16th 2012 marked the 158th anniversary of the birth of one of my favorite writers – Oscar Wilde.  Oscar Wilde was certainly one of the wittiest men who ever lived.  He is remembered for many things. He enjoyed great fame and success as a writer of short[Read More…]

by October 22, 2012 Miscellaneous
Valuable Guides To First Editions

Valuable Guides To First Editions

Like most booksellers , I never really thought  much about first editions until I became a bookseller.  I collected books of all sorts, had a particular fondness for antiquarian books, but I never seemed to be overly concerned about the  edition of  the book was that was in my possession[Read More…]

by October 15, 2012 Scouting Book
Identifying First Editions

Identifying First Editions

If you sell books either in a store or online for any period of time sooner or later you will be called upon to do a task that can prove to be very valuable to your bottom line – determine if a book is a first edition.  Determining whether or[Read More…]

by October 8, 2012 Miscellaneous